Vlada Krassilnikova - Biographie

Vlada Krassilnikova made a grand entrance into photography. In less than ten years, she has followed an amazing career path. Fresh out of the International Center of Photography of New York, Vlada Krassilnikovahas been working regularly with Paris Match and other magazines. She sells her pictures in some of the finest galleries in New York, Miami and Paris. She is also the author of a beautiful picture album about the Moulin Rouge and is the author of the 2008 the Crazy Horse calendar.

Vlada Krassilnikova is Franco – Russian. She was born in Oufa, Russia. A high level gymnast, and passionate dancer, she began working for the Moulin Rouge in 1993 where she was a principal dancer for 10 years. But Vlada Krassilnikova had another trick up her sleeve. Photography ! It was her new passion. Vlada Krassilnikova is gifted. She knows how to transform beautiful into sublime ! On stage and off, she took pictures of her colleagues at every angle.

In 2005 Vlada Krassilnikova came to Paris Match and it was love at first sight ! The head of the photo department loved her work Vlada Krassilnikova. He appreciated how well she managed light and how she cropped her images. He wanted her pictures for Paris Match, and encouraged her to keep working backstage. The result was magnificent ! Her Moulin Rouge story ran on a ten-page spread. Six months later, Gala would run that story again. In 2007 Vlada Krassilnikova shot a similar series at the Crazy Horse. Match woud again feature her work on 10 pages.

The main gift of Vlada Krassilnikova is her ability to capture movement in one hundredth of a second, making it look like it took forever to organize. Her pictures are perfect, incredibly sharp despite their having often been taken on the fly in poorly lit conditions. It is thanks to this work that Vlada Krassilnikova was the special guest at the European Festival of Nude Photography in Arles in 2003. Her oversized prints sell incredibly well in auction houses around the world. Vlada Krassilnikova has many projects, passionate about painting, she began working on pictures using the canvases of great masters, combining drawing and photography. With the complicity of her daughter Anouchka ( 3 years old ), she has already completed two of these works, “The Virgin and the Child”, and “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. The sensitivity of Vlada Krassilnikova can be felt in these two works ! They are both magnificent and very moving ! Vlada Krassilnikovais already working on a new series; Degas and his dancers, with Anouchka as her model. Projects ! Vlada Krassilnikova has so many ! Her passion for storytelling is very strong, and will soon take her far from France. Vlada Krassilnikova is currently working on several projects. The Bolchoï School of Dance. A dive behind the scenes of Bollywood, the Mecca of Indian cinema. And she would like to work on a story about the Royal Ballet of Cambodia in Phnom Penh.

Vlada Krassilnikova works fast and well, her technique is perfect, his sensitivity and imagination do the rest. It is obvious that Vlada Krassilnikova will continue to surprise us with magnificent pictures taken at mere thousandths of seconds.

Marc Brincourt / picture editor in chief / Paris Match.