Vlada Krassilnikova - Biographie

Born in Russia where she was educated and trained as a professional gymnast, Vlada moved to Paris in 1994 to become the first ever Russian dancer at the world’s most famous cabaret Moulin Rouge where she danced as a soloist for ten years.

She started photography during her time at the Moulin Rouge where her colleagues dancers were her first models and she did her first solo exhibitions in art galleries in London as she was still dancing at the Moulin.

Vlada then became a full time professional photographer exhibiting in art galleries and art fairs in Paris, London, New York, Miami, Moscow and Geneva. Her artwork, published in several books, has been regularly sold in auction houses on both sides of the Atlantic.

She has been working for many years on a very regular basis with the most prestigious French weekly news magazine Paris Match, contributing to major articles and covering mainly celebrities, luxury, dance, art, and Russia.

Vlada lives in Paris.